It’s your chance to join Team Canaria

The founders have been bootstrapping the company ourselves up till now, but we have big ambitions for Canaria and need help to reach them.

We are excited to announce the launch of our first funding round. We’re looking for GBP150,000 of seed funding to accelerate our development through the first half of 2017. This first funding round will open this spring. We will be looking for more investment later in the year with a view to landing our first customer and earning our first revenue early in 2018.

For UK tax-payers this is a very attractive SEIS-compliant investment, meaning that UK tax-payers get £5,000 off their income tax bill for making a £10,000 investment in Canaria. And on top of that, profits are free of UK Capital Gains Tax as long as you hold onto your investment for at least three years.

To find out more contact us at We will be happy to share our investor deck and business plan in confidence.