The Team

Team Canaria


We’re a small team that originally formed at the London NASA Space Apps Challenge in April 2016.

The company is led by the original group of three. Alex Moss, CEO, is an Artist, Writer, and Entrepreneur. Dr Rob Finean, CMO, is a Chartered Mobile Communications Engineer. James Lynn, CTO, is a student studying Electronic Engineering with Space Systems at the University of Surrey.

Canaria’s team is expanding to cope with our pace of development and we’re constantly on the look out for people who will make our team even better.

If you’d like to get in contact or think that you’re the right person for Canaria, send us an email at

  • jdm

    Wow! is this for real! Fantastic “head screwed on properly” design! – and goin’ places!

  • Steve Cole

    Saw your ingenuous idea on the front page of Electronic Weekly – impressive!