Canaria Seed Funding Round 2017 Open

We are pleased to announce the official beginning of Canaria’s Seed Funding Round this month.

The Funding round will last from May-July and raise £470k ($609k) for 3 key hires and to complete our full-sized prototype.


So what does the immediate future hold for Canaria?

We are completing the development for our vital signs monitoring system. It has 3 core elements:

-the earpiece which can now measure respiratory rate, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, temperature, and head position

-the mission patch which detects ambient hazardous gases and supplies wireless power to the earpiece

-our AI bio-predictor system which utilizes data points gathered from the earpiece to ascertain trends in the wearer’s vigilance levels



We are going to market in the mining industry in 2018, which is the most direct application of our use case in space.

Every year mining companies lose hundreds of millions of dollars from closures caused by vigilance-related accidents. On top of this, reports of deaths cause large mining companies share value to plummet. This means that large mining companies suffer the most when accidents occur. With the Canaria, these accidents become completely preventable thanks to our unique traffic light system which works upon live feeds of individual bio markers of the miner. Not only can we alert health and safety managers when an accident such as a tunnel cave in or gas leak occurs, we can predict when a worker is about to reach a critical level of vigilance when fatigue related accidents are most likely to happen.




If you are interested in investing, or would like to find out more about what we’re doing here at Canaria, please drop our CEO Alex a line to request our investor deck:

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