Canaria Stands Out at Women in Innovation 2017

Canaria CEO Alex Moss makes a mark at Innovate UK’s Women In Innovation programme.

Alex giving her pitch to the almost entirely female audience of 300 and live feed of the event to thousands of aspiring tech entrepreneurs.

In February 2017 we were thrilled to be invited to pitch at a unique collaborate event between the UK’s most eminent government scientific research bodies. Innovate UK’s new Women in Innovation project aims to promote and encourage women working in the cutting edge of science and technology who can change life as we know it today. Considering that less than 10% of the technology industry is composed of women, with even fewer in leadership positions, events like these are critical to supporting diversity in the field. We were in excellent company with keynote speaker Claire Williams OBE, Deputy Team Principal of Williams F1, tackling the importance of STEM projects in school for girls, sharing her incredible experiences of being a change maker in F1, and the unique challenges women face in engineering.

Keynote speaker Claire Williams OBE

With this in mind, it was a special honor for our pitch to be considered the ‘stand out moment of the day’ by the Innovate UK team:

Age is No Fool

For someone like me, who hears many pitches at Venturefests, accelerator demo days and our own Investment Showcases, the stand out moment of the day, though, was hearing recently graduated Alex Moss’ elevator pitch for, Canaria, a business that is developing award-winning wearable vital signs monitoring technology for use in space, mining and hospital environments.

How did she deliver a pitch that was so composed, confident and compelling? Practice, practice, practice!

   -Nigel Walker

Check out the full article here:



Thank you to Innovate UK for inviting us to speak and take part in the event. We look forward to working alongside government initiatives to increase and encourage diversity in the tech industry.

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