It’s your chance to join Team Canaria

We are excited to be working with the Australian resources sector to eliminate fatigue-related incidents in the industry. Cognitive fatigue causes 2/3rds of all industrial accidents, resulting in both a massive loss of lives (2 deaths per month in Australia alone), and dramatic financial losses for companies.

Having recently finished the Unearthed Accelerator Programme, in Brisbane, we are gearing up to launch with a first client for a paid trial of our equipment in mid 2018. In order to meet our client demands, we’re preparing for a Seed Round this year. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels to find out when the round is going live.

With serious interest in our equipment confirmed, we have been re-structuring the company to best suit our market of the Australian resources sector: namely, by shutting down our UK company and setting up an Australian company.

Pay Someone to Write Your PaperIf you are interested in investing, please contact our CEO Alex Moss directly, who is happy to send over relevant information and discuss the rapid changes Canaria is undergoing: