Privacy Policy

The long-term benefits of Canaria for all of us relies on building up a big picture of people’s physiological responses to different environmental and medical conditions. So we encourage every user of Canaria to become a ‘Data Donor’ and opt in to allowing their data to be anonymously added to the data lake.

Personal Clinical Data

Your personal health data is stored securely and made available only to authorised individuals who need to be able to see it.

Anonymised Data Donated to Medical Research

Episodes of your personal clinical data are stripped of all personally identifiable information, turning it into “De-Identified Health Information” in US Health Information Portability & Accountability Act terms, before archiving for medical research. This means time-shifting the episode to 1970 and leaving just age (in full years) and sex of the subject and country where the episode took place. All ages over 89 are recorded as 90. This data is available for researchers to use on an Open-Source license with the condition that it must never even be attempted to identify an individual person in the data.