We met Major Tim Peake

“I wish I had one aboard the ISS”
-Major Tim Peake

We met Major Tim Peake at the 12th Appleton Space Conference and had a fascinating conversation with him about changes in the human body during prolonged missions in space and the feasibility of travel back to the moon and then to Mars. He talked about how lots of physiological measurements are taken on space-walks and during specific medical experiments on astronauts’ bodies but that apart from that, in their normal routine, they only get a check-up from the on-board medic about once a week. Monitoring 24×7 on-board and just as importantly during training before the mission and recovery after the mission (similar to the way elite sports teams measure everything) would allow us to learn more, faster about how long-term space flight to other planets can be achieved by humans.

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ESA Astronaut Major Tim Peake with Canaria’s Alex Moss and other delegates after giving the 12th Appleton Space Conference Lecture “Principia: A Journey of a Lifetime”

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