Canaria Joins the Unearthed Solutions Accelerator Programme

We’re pleased to announce Canaria’s acceptance onto the illustrious Unearthed Solutions Accelerator Programme in Brisbane, Australia.

Unearthed is the world’s best accelerator programme for the mining industry. The 6 month programme offers unique access to the Australian mining industry and has been running for 4 years. Supported by both the mining industry and the Australian government, the accelerator boasts directors including Paul Lucey (CEO or Mine Vision Systems, the fastest growing mining tech company in the world) and mentors with senior positions in BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Gold Fields, Fortescue Metals Group and Santos.

All of the mining industry graduates have completed the programme with contracts from major mining companies. Unearthed will allow Canaria unprecedented access into the mining industry, with a route to market within 2017.

Canaria & The Mining Sector

We are developing the first iterations of Canaria’s technology for use in the mining industry to solve three of the biggest causes of accidents: hostile gases, tunnel collapses, and fatigue-related machinery accidents. The problems in the mining industry are a mirror of the problems faced by astronauts aboard the International Space Station, which is what Canaria was originally designed for.

So how do we solve these problems?

Hostile Gas:
Canaria’s Mission Patch can detect almost any surrounding hostile gases, as well as provide the earpiece with wireless power. For the mining industry, this means accurate detection of nearby Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulfide.

Tunnel Collapses:
Currently the mining industry uses radio communication to report serious tunnel collapses. This means that if someone is knocked unconscious, they cannot communicate that they are in danger. As a result of this, emergency response units are usually dispatched over a day after the accident has occurred. By switching this accident report system to Canaria’s method of a live feed of bio-metrics, we can alert safety managers when our wearer has suffered an accident immediately without relying on them to communicate their status via a walkie talkie or phone.

Fatigue-related Machinery Accidents:
Miners work in extreme conditions which require high levels of vigilance to prevent accidents when using heavy machinery. Unfortunately, falling asleep whilst operating is a common event. Canaria is able not just to report when this is happening, but to give a warning before a worker reaches a critical point of exhaustion. Canaria’s AI Bio-Predictor system utilises the bio-metric data gathered by the earpiece to train machine learning algorithms that predict medical events. In the case of mining, this means establishing the metrics for a wearer reaching a critical level of fatigue. Using a simple traffic light system, Canaria puts out an alert to both supervisor and wearer when an accident is highly likely to occur, thereby allowing the wearer stop working before they cause a devastating accident.


Team Canaria is grabbing our sunscreen and heading out to Unearthed this July – Dec. Our development team will still be based at our Innovation Centre in Guildford, meaning that we’ll be working as a 24hr/day company during this period.

If you would like to find out more about Canaria, grab a beer with us in Brisbane, or are interested in investing, please email our CEO Alex:

Find more information about Unearthed Solutions here.

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